Tears Of Joy

It takes a lot to make me cry.  Usually, while my friends are sobbing movies, I am sitting there wondering, “Why are they being so girly?”.  The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks, had me sobbing for at least half the book.

The book starts off with an old man reading to someone every day, from a battered old notebook.  It then jumps to the story, telling of a soldier finally home from the war.  Noah Calhoun, 31 years old, lives alone on an old house he restored.  He is plagued every day by memories of his first and only love from 14 summers ago, Allie Hamilton.  He works very hard at forgetting her.

This worked, until one day, Allie suddenly shows up on his doorstep, engaged to a rich lawyer.  The two spend a few days together, and fall back into love.  Allie is then faced with a choice; stay with Noah, or go back to her fiance Lon.

The story then skips back to the old man, who has stopped reading.  He then tells the reader that she is Allie, he is Noah, and that she is is wife.  Allie has suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, which makes her forget who she is and her life every day.  Noah reads her the story of her life every day, and is very occasionally rewarded by her remembering him, for a few moments.  Noah walks around with Allie, and she tells him she is pretty sure she feels something for him.  They go back to her hospital room, and have dinner.  Noah explains to her that they are Noah and Allie from the story, and they are married.  She remembers him, but it is not long before she forgets.  She throws a fit at having a strange man in her room, and Noah has a stroke.  When he wakes up, he goes to her room, and she welcomes him, remembering at last.

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